AI for digital marketersAI for digital marketers is not only changing the game – its changing the entire playing field.

Digital marketers are an interesting bunch.  Being one of them, I have an intimate view of what makes them (us) work.  And maybe more importantly, what makes them not work.  At the risk of pulling back the curtain a wee bit too far, its been my experience that many (most?) of the people who call themselves digital marketers are smart, enterprising people who figured out how to use a particular tool and then figured out how to leverage that profitably.

But those times are long past.  Over the course of the 15 years that I’ve dedicated myself and my business life to the craft of online marketing, things are changed dramatically.  Things have gotten infinitely more complex.  They’ve become more “prove-able” that is to say, they’ve become more data-based.  Where there were a dozen channels 10 years ago there are hundreds now.  Where customer segmentation was a relatively simple matter of demographic strata, now we can effectively target along lines that were previously unimaginable.  With all this complexity and accountability, is it any wonder why so many “agency” types opted for early retirement?

The problem now isn’t knowledge – its what to do with all of it.  It’s not so much about data collection as it is how to understand it – and boil it down into actionable, trackable steps.  Like so many agencies operating on thin margins, the operational challenge has been to find – and afford to hire – people who can parse these enormous data sets and do something with them.

Enter AI – artificial intelligence.

Forward-looking agencies will have their focus on what’s over the next hill – what’s around the next bend.  Here then, is a snippet of what our strategic partners at NetSolutions are seeing up ahead.

1. Impactful Advertisements

2. Smarter Search

3. Evolution of ChatBots

4. Reaching the right person

5. Build a strategy for target market

6. Improves cybersecurity

7. Smarter Sentiment

8. Sales Forecasting

If you’re not thinking about it already you’re at risk of arriving too late to the game.  AI – especially AI designed for digital marketers is no longer a thing of the future – it is not.  It is, in fact, here.  Our partners at Net Solutions have put together a handy primer on AI for digital marketers.  The full read is here.


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